Texas Bound

We are now back on the roads after a week break for scheduled appointments and visits with some good friends. We had a great time for that week and David was able to install a 50 amp plug as well.

So now all we have to do is locate the sewer line and hook into that so we will have full hook ups when we come in for future pitstops!!

Moving forward now, we have started our journey towards our final destination which will be Canyon Lake/New Braunfels, TX. We will have a few rest stops along the way to have Thanksgiving with the parents at a beach house. This is where I am writing to you all from right now we will be here for about a week roughly.

David is hoping to do some good fishing with Dad along the Gulf Coast, as long as it doesn’t rain them out (lol). Oh well at least Mia will get some good bonding time with the grandma and pop pop. As for me well, you know I will be knee deep in my homework for school (boo).

There will be many other stops along the way to include a good four day rest in our most favorite cities of all times!! I won’t ruin the surprise of what that may be.

I suppose that you all will have to stay tuned to see what place it could be. To include all of the other places that we will be visiting along our travels to and from Texas!!



Wow, I’m horrible at updating this. I apologize in advance ya’ll, I’m trying to balance school, family, moving, LIFE! and will probably fail miserably at doing this more than monthly!

With that being said, WE LAUNCHED (started fulltiming) and we are enjoying it by far! We have been to St. Augustine, Fayetteville, NC, and Hagerstown, MD so far. Here is a tiny snippet of what we have experienced…


St. Augustine, FL::::::::

St. Augustine was such a fun fun place! We visited the Castillo, which was GORGEOUS and had so much history! We finally got our Disabled Veteran National Park pass…If you are a DV and you haven’t gotten it yet, stop procrastinating it’s wonderful! We stumbled upon Lincolnville in ST. A which was a game changer for the Civil Rights movement. MLK st there is named that because he actually WALKED down that street. It was amazing to hear of the stories and watch as Mia tried so hard to understand why bad things happened to good people simply because of the color of their skin. We visited Anastasia State Park which was another gorgeous place. The waves were still so angry from all of the hurricanes we have had but it was beautiful and peaceful none the less. Lastly, we visited the light house. It was breathtaking…and impressive to imagine having to carry the oil up all those stairs to ensure the lighthouse would run properly. Kudos to the men and women who did that.

After St. A, we travelled to SC and stayed overnight at a truck stop, no the best sleep we’ve ever gotten and I’m pretty sure it was close to the worst. We must find better places to sleep!

Fayetteville, NC:::::::::

Fayetteville, this is where we were stationed when Mia was born. It’s also where her God-parents live and after 3 years of not seeing each other, we were finally able to reconnect. The Harris family is so near and dear to our hearts and we love being able to pick up where we left off and visit with them.

Mia was more than excited to meet her God sisters and spend some time with her God parents. We were just excited to spend time with our dear friends!

Again, we traveled through up to Virginia to stay the night, at a truck stop…you would think we would learn our lessons…we slept even worse at this one…IMG_0787But we got this great family photo! LOL I had someone take a real one of us, but I feel like this just fits us so much better! 🙂

Hagerstown, MD:::::::

We made it to our month long destination…The Mersman driveway! LOL yes really, boon docking in our friends driveway! Yes, I know they are so so nice to put up with us (and our yappy dogs) for a whole month.

We have been having a wonderful time hanging out, cheering on the girls, snuggling babies, playing Cards Against Humanity, and visiting battlefields (separate post to follow about that).

So far, we are loving the rv life and getting to see people we wouldn’t normally get to see and visit things that we wouldn’t normally visit! We still have 2 weeks left here in Maryland and next week we have our dear friend Jaime coming in to town! We are excited for the adventures we will take with her! Stay tuned!

Holy Hurricane Irma-gerd

Well, there is nothing like a hurricane to speed up God’s plans for you. Here David and I thought we had a few weeks to finish doing what was needed to the rv before we hit the road for Maryland. And we did, UNTIL Irma decided she needed to hit Florida. Monday the 4th of September, we saw Irma headed for us, and while we were told she would be hitting the east coast, we knew she was BIG and would cause a lot of damage to the Florida peninsula. We made the decision as a family to load up and not take any chances. We have a sticks and bricks home in Florida and while, yes we could’ve hunkered down there, we didn’t know exactly what kind of damage she would cause. So we made the best decision for our family and loaded up and headed north. We left on a Wednesday, gas stations were already running out of gas (thank God for our Diesel pusher DP) and people were starting to panic. All the models showed it mostly missing the west coast, but Irma had her own plans. She veered west and come straight for us. We were lucky we left when we did.

So in our quest to out run Irma, we made the executive decision to head towards Fort Rucker. Army bases are familiar, more like home for us and what better place to ride out a storm than close to what we know and are accustom to. It was a long day, a long drive, and a little bit of a worry that we may not find a place to stay. Thankfully, we found a place and it was relatively cheap too. Close to post and while the camp host was a little on the nosier side, it was pretty peaceful. Luckily we had gotten there before the rest of Florida did.

While leaving Florida, we stayed in close contact with another full-time family, they were unsure exactly where they were headed. We encouraged them to come where we were and ride out the storm. They decided to join us and it make it a lot easier and familiar to ride out the storm.

So, here we are in Ozark, Al riding out Irma, or so we thought. That Irma is a tricking one, she just kept coming left…and coming left…and holy crap!!! Coming left straight to where we fled to. So, we quickly talked it over and decided moving northwest would be the best solution. So, we loaded everything up (and bought a trailer for the jeep while we were in AL) and left! We come to Columbus, MS and found the most beautiful and cheap Corp of Engineers camp. It was just breath taking!!!

Not to mention the camp hosts were such sweet people! I would absolutely recommend this place to fellow RVers. It’s called Dewayne Hayes State Park. Simply beautiful! Once again, I stumble us upon a military base! (apparently I’m really really good at this…who knew?) It was a nice, small base that had basically just enough to get by! Which worked for us! IMG_0456

This trip was an excellent first go, it allowed us to see what needed fixed (dash AC in the RV) and what needed rearranging…almost everything…But Mia LOVED it and enjoyed being out and about and seeing new things. We enjoyed taking her on walks through the woods and exploring with her! It gave us a small view of what life on the road is going to be, needless to say, we are all excited for it!

Is this real life?

Oh man you guys, we are legit 4 weeks from wheels on the ground rolling to our new destination. I’m a little nervous, sad, excited, cautious, and unsure!

We have been working hard fixing our generator, it’s been a battle for sure. We have changed just about everything we can think of, oil filter, fuel filter, fuel pump thermostat, water temp regulator (I believe that’s what it’s called, the husband is MIA right now), and the hard start on the AC unit. NOTHING has completely fixed the problem. We have however fixed enough for right now and that is okay by me for now. I figure once we get on the road and see how much we are using what, we can troubleshoot a little bit more.

We have been plotting our path to Maryland, and we are VERY excited to get so spend some time with our military loved ones. We have set up a few days in St. Augustine and we get to see our dear friend Lana and explore the area for a few days. Then we will head up to Fayetteville for a few days to see some of our favorites Darren and Makeeka and family. I am looking forward to stopping there for a few days to introduce Mia to them and she will actually remember them! 🙂 Then on up to Maryland to stay with my friend Deidra for a month. One thing I love about the military is that even after, it can take you many places to see friends.

I’m trying to plan our trip back down from Maryland to Florida and I’m stumped! I’m interested in places you have or would like to visit between here and there. Comment below where you would stop along that path…I would love to venture to some of your favorite places or places on your bucket list!

In addition to planning the trips and reserving places to stay, we are busy trying to pack up our house and get it ready for renters. YIKES! I’m a little nervous to have renters but I’m excited to be able to keep our home and not have to pay on it at the same time. We are also trying to find the best way to continue to get our mail…if any one has any suggestions, drop those below as well! I need em! The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Another thing I’m trying to do, spend as much time with friends as possible! I’m thankful for the other night with Jaime and Lulu but it made me realize just how much I’m going to miss being able to call them and say I need to hang out with friends. The one good, positive thing is that I will be around friends, I just know how special their friendships are to me. I am already looking forward to seeing all of my friends here in Florida in November!

Between the logistics of getting everything figured out and making sure we are on track to leave by the 24th, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. In addition to all of this, I have classes that begin on the 28th of August! And that, freaks me out a little bit! But I have faith that this will all work out and we will be ready to roll the 24th to our first destination.

One thing I will miss about Florida is these amazing sunsets! But I can’t wait to see sunsets from around the US! It’ll be such an exciting time! Where do you think the best sunsets are? I would LOVE to experience them!IMG_0287


Gosh guys, I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve update you, probably because it has been. It has been a slow process since the last time I shared what was going on. We (I use this term very loosely because let’s be honest, David is doing most of the work) have got the floors 80% laid! YAY! This is so exciting because I can FINALLY get to decorating our new home!

We have been scouring the yard sale sites for the IKEA couch we want to put in and found it for $250 cheaper than what they sell it for at IKEA. You can tell the girl rarely sat on it and it was in excellent condition! SCORE! I love sales and deals and saving as much money as possible. We also won a $500 Target gift card from a drawing we entered when we thought we would be moving into a house, so that is super helpful in the decorating process! YAY! Now we just need to get Mia a cute little bed and a few storage things and we should be all set!

Since painting and updating we decided in order to save a few bucks, we would decorate our new home in a beach theme. We already have 70% of the stuff we need to decorate and we would for sure be sparing our pocketbooks! We decided to upgrade our drawer handles. I think it has really updated the look of them to match what we are trying to achieve. They were super simple for my non-crafty self to do. Spray paint them the brassy color, use hot glue and twine and wrap them up. Took me maybe 30 mins to do all of them!

We’ve also had a little run in with the generator, turns out the air filter was BLACK! David decided we might as well replace the fuel filter while we are at it and change the oil. I’m so thankful my husband is handy and like working on things! Otherwise, the bill would be a lot heftier than it is! I’m sure I can pay him in some way or another 😉 lol.

We are also trying to figure out what washer and dryer would work best in our RV and where to put it! Oh and where to put the cat box! UGH! who knows with that one! Do any of you have any ideas on either of these?? Here is our layout buslayout

So while David finishes up the flooring today, we are hoping to have the big ol bus up and running by the weekend to take it for a test run at Disney for Mia’s birthday! 🙂 Fingers crossed ya’ll!

Finally Friday!

WOO! Anyone else ever feel like the week just flies by and you get nothing productive done? Surely, I can’t be the only one! If I am please let me know you’re secrets to be productively awesome!

Here is a recap of what has happened this week, it’s been a wild one!

So we started off with painting the walls grey, they are so beautiful, I love love love them! IMG_9797

David helped a buddy finish up his flooring and rip out flooring in another RV the past couple of days and we have been enjoying a small break from updating ours. Today that has all changed! We have been working on trim work ALL day today and it’s really coming together nicely! Not only that, David has ripped up our flooring so that we could lay the new! IMG_9799

It pretty much looks like a war zone in there! Our flooring came in yesterday from Lowe’s and we are excited to get it laid and get to IKEA to get some new furniture for the RV! To include Mia’s bed, she’s pretty excited, although she has no idea what to expect really! In an effort to help her feel more a part of the process, we went and picked out some Paw Patrol bedding for this new bed! Little does she know, it’s also an ottoman! I’m sure it’ll be a weird adjustment, but I don’t see her in that sucker often. I’m pretty sure she will be in our bed with us! LOL.

On top of all of the renos, we have decided we want to go Vegan, so I’m busy researching and joining all kinds of groups to figure out HOW! Obviously pretty easy, don’t eat meat, dairy, or eggs, but I feel like there is more to it than just that! Thankfully I found this incredible group! YAY!!! Vegan roadies for the win! It’s been super exciting watching how others are living this lifestyle on the road successfully! I’m curious though how many vegans there are out on the road, if you are one of them drop me a comment! I’d love to know how you manage on the road! Or just in life in general! And if you have meals, I’d be even more excited! LOL

One thing I am super excited for while traveling is to hit all the beautiful farmers markets around the US. I think it will be such an awesome thing to not only help the farmer, but get things fresh fresh fresh! If you have a MUST visit, please drop it in the comments so we can put it on our list! I have done some research on places to check out and one I came across was Harvest Hosts! This looks like such a cheap, fun way to meet others, try new things, and see the countryside!

This has pretty much been the extent of our week, making life changes, working out (daily), and putting our time into the RV reno! Hopefully, the weekend will be more productive than this week has been!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you let me know some of your favorite vegan meals, farmers markets, and just places you love the most so we can start making our list!


Well, we’ve owned our beautiful Class A for almost a week and we’ve done quite a bit to it. Well, ok, maybe not quite a bit, this painting thing is taking forever! IMG_9703

This beautiful white color ( I don’t remember the name of it) is covering some of our cabinets and changing the look of the RV. I’ve always dreamed of white cabinets in my kitchen and even in our tiny house, I’m getting them! (YAY) BUT, that comes at such a hefty price. Painting is for the birds. Literally, if you love to paint my hat is off to you, I hate it. It takes so long, it’s so time consuming, and I’m an impatient person.

We did have a little fun with it though, the first night we started, I thought “Hey! Let’s drink some wine while we paint, that will make this better.” It did, for me, my husband on the other hand, had to do all the work! LOL I’m sure he appreciates my mad wine drinking skills though, they are far better than my painting skills! I encourage you to check out my wine  and paint live.

So, after the first night of painting, we changed our plans, we nixed painting all those cabinets in the RV and have a mixture of different colors, the bedroom will stay mostly the original color and so will the cab. The kitchen/living area is going to be white and we are hoping the two shades will mesh well and give it more of an illusion of different spaces.

Here is some of our progress and the changes we are doing! I’m hoping this process speeds up, but I’m pretty sure I’m learning the value of patience right now.

The Beginning

In sharing our journey with all of you, I am struggling to find a place to begin. Do I start from when we met, when we left the military, or when we decided on living in a RV. I want to start at the very beginning because I feel the journey to here is so crucial; but for time purposes and not to bore you all to death, I will start from about 2 months ago. But along this journey, you will learn our whole story, the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Two months ago, we announced on Facebook we were moving to Texas from Florida IMG_8658

Look, aren’t we so cute in our boots and home shirts? We were excited, we were going to be living cheaper than we do here in Florida AND close to some of our best friends!! YAY!!! But then reality set in (after getting Disney passes again) and we realized leaving Florida for good was NOT what we wanted at all. And when we explained to all of our friends and family they were relieved that we came to our senses. (we are a bit hard headed and it takes us a while to get with it)

So about 2 weeks ago we decided ok, we will move more inland in Florida and live even CHEAPER than we were going to live in Texas. IMG_9412

LOOK! Lake front property that is 1 hour from the west coast beaches, 45 mins from Disney, and 1.5 hrs from the east coast beaches! WINNING!!!! This was perfect, smaller house, less to take care of and clean! This would for sure bring us happiness and we would be happy here. (or so we thought)

There was a huge ordeal where we had to sell our house in 90 days (and this sucker isn’t selling for some reason) and they wouldn’t even start to build until we were out from under this house. Which to me, was STRESSFUL! We might lose this spot because our house might not sell in 90 days and THEN we have to find some place to rent for 6 months?! Can you say expensive??!!!

So, I got the great idea that we should live in a RV for those 6 months and travel and see friends. We’ve always wanted to do this. It’s been my dream since getting pregnant with Mia, our 3 year old,(isn’t she just the cutest)IMG_9379 that I would homeschool and we would travel the world showing her all the adventures. So it was a perfect idea. We had figured buy a cheap RV and travel then when our house was done, we would have a RV AND a house. Perfect right?!?! The dream right?!?!

Well, not quite for us. I had reached out to a dear friend I met at church who has been full timing for 2.5 years. I wanted to her advice on what to get, what to do, and how to do it. Her and her husband have been nothing but super stinking helpful! They went with us, talked us through different situations, showed us what to look for when buying a rv, and gave us a great deal of hope! (If you’re looking to go full-time I HIGHLY recommend shooting me an e-mail and I will link you up with them)

David has always dreamed of owning a diesel RV, I think a lot of that stems from his dad being a trucker. I also know a lot of that is due to how reliable they are. I had told him if we are moving into it for 6 months, there is no way I’m buying a diesel, financially it just didn’t make sense. So, we had gone to the RV lot (well more like an auction lot) with that in mind. Little did we know, our entire plan was about to be uprooted and changed.

Funny how God works huh? Here he had placed Heather and her family in our lives 2 years go via MOPS and a women’s bible study. Heather is a wild, awesome, loving, exciting, friendly, accepting person. She is not judgmental! She told me she lived in a RV with her kids(4 at the time, now 5) and husband and LOVED IT! I was amazed and excited for her and the hope that we could make our dream happen. Over the course of these 2 years, we became closer friends and talked about everything in life. So here we are, sitting in the RV lot, browsing RVs, and once again, I am asking her about advice on life and what we should do. We talked about my fears of Mia not having friends, of not having a consistent sport or activity, and of my fears of hating it. And she eased all of them, every. single. one. And made me realize how our military life had prepared or even groomed us for this life. This is the life that God had chosen for us a while ago, like 14 years when I first joined the military and 17 for David. He prepared us with a nomad spirit but giving us the military and showing us that this is what we were designed for. Traveling, seeing the world, and having the means (isn’t that why people join the military in the first place?) Fast friends is what we are good at, because we’ve never had any other choice in the world. Mia will learn this, she will adapt and overcome so many situations because God gave her parents a military lifestyle and a nomad spirit.

So as we sat in that RV lot in Tampa, David and I realized the time is now. Listening to other people say “I wish, if I could, I should,” etc got us to thinking, WHY ARE WE WISHING?!?!?! We have been blessed financially and the home based business I have is giving us this incredible opportunity, WHY ARE WE WISHING?!?!! Heather reminded us that nothing is permanent. If we don’t like this, we aren’t married to it. We can get out. And while I love that we both agree at any point we can say no, neither one of us feels that we will.

So Monday, July 10, 2017 we decided to make one final decision on where to live and MOVE into a Class A diesel RV.IMG_9628.JPG

We decided we are tired of WISHING and WAITING and that God has a plan for us, and it’s not to spend our blessings on a house that doesn’t do anything but stress us out. We want to spend it making memories, helping others, traveling to visit friends and family, and giving our daughter a childhood that can’t be bought with toys. It’s time to live the life we have only dreamt of and challenge ourselves to be different and live outside the normal box of what society says. Are we going to face adversity and challenges? OF COURSE (and you guys will get to see all of that) BUT we are going to make memories that will last a lot longer than the $10 toy from target or the $45 manicure from the nail salon. These our daughter will get to carry with her for the rest of her life. And THAT, THAT right there make it WORTH IT!

I’m so excited for all of you to follow our journey, the ups, the downs, the in-betweens. And to learn how to make it work so you too can stop wishing and start doing! We want you to be involved in the process of making the RV our  home