Well, we’ve owned our beautiful Class A for almost a week and we’ve done quite a bit to it. Well, ok, maybe not quite a bit, this painting thing is taking forever! IMG_9703

This beautiful white color ( I don’t remember the name of it) is covering some of our cabinets and changing the look of the RV. I’ve always dreamed of white cabinets in my kitchen and even in our tiny house, I’m getting them! (YAY) BUT, that comes at such a hefty price. Painting is for the birds. Literally, if you love to paint my hat is off to you, I hate it. It takes so long, it’s so time consuming, and I’m an impatient person.

We did have a little fun with it though, the first night we started, I thought “Hey! Let’s drink some wine while we paint, that will make this better.” It did, for me, my husband on the other hand, had to do all the work! LOL I’m sure he appreciates my mad wine drinking skills though, they are far better than my painting skills! I encourage you to check out my wine  and paint live.

So, after the first night of painting, we changed our plans, we nixed painting all those cabinets in the RV and have a mixture of different colors, the bedroom will stay mostly the original color and so will the cab. The kitchen/living area is going to be white and we are hoping the two shades will mesh well and give it more of an illusion of different spaces.

Here is some of our progress and the changes we are doing! I’m hoping this process speeds up, but I’m pretty sure I’m learning the value of patience right now.


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