Finally Friday!

WOO! Anyone else ever feel like the week just flies by and you get nothing productive done? Surely, I can’t be the only one! If I am please let me know you’re secrets to be productively awesome!

Here is a recap of what has happened this week, it’s been a wild one!

So we started off with painting the walls grey, they are so beautiful, I love love love them! IMG_9797

David helped a buddy finish up his flooring and rip out flooring in another RV the past couple of days and we have been enjoying a small break from updating ours. Today that has all changed! We have been working on trim work ALL day today and it’s really coming together nicely! Not only that, David has ripped up our flooring so that we could lay the new! IMG_9799

It pretty much looks like a war zone in there! Our flooring came in yesterday from Lowe’s and we are excited to get it laid and get to IKEA to get some new furniture for the RV! To include Mia’s bed, she’s pretty excited, although she has no idea what to expect really! In an effort to help her feel more a part of the process, we went and picked out some Paw Patrol bedding for this new bed! Little does she know, it’s also an ottoman! I’m sure it’ll be a weird adjustment, but I don’t see her in that sucker often. I’m pretty sure she will be in our bed with us! LOL.

On top of all of the renos, we have decided we want to go Vegan, so I’m busy researching and joining all kinds of groups to figure out HOW! Obviously pretty easy, don’t eat meat, dairy, or eggs, but I feel like there is more to it than just that! Thankfully I found this incredible group! YAY!!! Vegan roadies for the win! It’s been super exciting watching how others are living this lifestyle on the road successfully! I’m curious though how many vegans there are out on the road, if you are one of them drop me a comment! I’d love to know how you manage on the road! Or just in life in general! And if you have meals, I’d be even more excited! LOL

One thing I am super excited for while traveling is to hit all the beautiful farmers markets around the US. I think it will be such an awesome thing to not only help the farmer, but get things fresh fresh fresh! If you have a MUST visit, please drop it in the comments so we can put it on our list! I have done some research on places to check out and one I came across was Harvest Hosts! This looks like such a cheap, fun way to meet others, try new things, and see the countryside!

This has pretty much been the extent of our week, making life changes, working out (daily), and putting our time into the RV reno! Hopefully, the weekend will be more productive than this week has been!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you let me know some of your favorite vegan meals, farmers markets, and just places you love the most so we can start making our list!


One thought on “Finally Friday!

  1. We’re vegan too. We changed to a WFPB diet before we went full-time, but it’s super easy. Less shopping really, and we love Farmer’s Markets. They’re generally cheaper than the grocery stores, not to mention fresher.


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