Gosh guys, I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve update you, probably because it has been. It has been a slow process since the last time I shared what was going on. We (I use this term very loosely because let’s be honest, David is doing most of the work) have got the floors 80% laid! YAY! This is so exciting because I can FINALLY get to decorating our new home!

We have been scouring the yard sale sites for the IKEA couch we want to put in and found it for $250 cheaper than what they sell it for at IKEA. You can tell the girl rarely sat on it and it was in excellent condition! SCORE! I love sales and deals and saving as much money as possible. We also won a $500 Target gift card from a drawing we entered when we thought we would be moving into a house, so that is super helpful in the decorating process! YAY! Now we just need to get Mia a cute little bed and a few storage things and we should be all set!

Since painting and updating we decided in order to save a few bucks, we would decorate our new home in a beach theme. We already have 70% of the stuff we need to decorate and we would for sure be sparing our pocketbooks! We decided to upgrade our drawer handles. I think it has really updated the look of them to match what we are trying to achieve. They were super simple for my non-crafty self to do. Spray paint them the brassy color, use hot glue and twine and wrap them up. Took me maybe 30 mins to do all of them!

We’ve also had a little run in with the generator, turns out the air filter was BLACK! David decided we might as well replace the fuel filter while we are at it and change the oil. I’m so thankful my husband is handy and like working on things! Otherwise, the bill would be a lot heftier than it is! I’m sure I can pay him in some way or another 😉 lol.

We are also trying to figure out what washer and dryer would work best in our RV and where to put it! Oh and where to put the cat box! UGH! who knows with that one! Do any of you have any ideas on either of these?? Here is our layout buslayout

So while David finishes up the flooring today, we are hoping to have the big ol bus up and running by the weekend to take it for a test run at Disney for Mia’s birthday! 🙂 Fingers crossed ya’ll!


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