Is this real life?

Oh man you guys, we are legit 4 weeks from wheels on the ground rolling to our new destination. I’m a little nervous, sad, excited, cautious, and unsure!

We have been working hard fixing our generator, it’s been a battle for sure. We have changed just about everything we can think of, oil filter, fuel filter, fuel pump thermostat, water temp regulator (I believe that’s what it’s called, the husband is MIA right now), and the hard start on the AC unit. NOTHING has completely fixed the problem. We have however fixed enough for right now and that is okay by me for now. I figure once we get on the road and see how much we are using what, we can troubleshoot a little bit more.

We have been plotting our path to Maryland, and we are VERY excited to get so spend some time with our military loved ones. We have set up a few days in St. Augustine and we get to see our dear friend Lana and explore the area for a few days. Then we will head up to Fayetteville for a few days to see some of our favorites Darren and Makeeka and family. I am looking forward to stopping there for a few days to introduce Mia to them and she will actually remember them! 🙂 Then on up to Maryland to stay with my friend Deidra for a month. One thing I love about the military is that even after, it can take you many places to see friends.

I’m trying to plan our trip back down from Maryland to Florida and I’m stumped! I’m interested in places you have or would like to visit between here and there. Comment below where you would stop along that path…I would love to venture to some of your favorite places or places on your bucket list!

In addition to planning the trips and reserving places to stay, we are busy trying to pack up our house and get it ready for renters. YIKES! I’m a little nervous to have renters but I’m excited to be able to keep our home and not have to pay on it at the same time. We are also trying to find the best way to continue to get our mail…if any one has any suggestions, drop those below as well! I need em! The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Another thing I’m trying to do, spend as much time with friends as possible! I’m thankful for the other night with Jaime and Lulu but it made me realize just how much I’m going to miss being able to call them and say I need to hang out with friends. The one good, positive thing is that I will be around friends, I just know how special their friendships are to me. I am already looking forward to seeing all of my friends here in Florida in November!

Between the logistics of getting everything figured out and making sure we are on track to leave by the 24th, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. In addition to all of this, I have classes that begin on the 28th of August! And that, freaks me out a little bit! But I have faith that this will all work out and we will be ready to roll the 24th to our first destination.

One thing I will miss about Florida is these amazing sunsets! But I can’t wait to see sunsets from around the US! It’ll be such an exciting time! Where do you think the best sunsets are? I would LOVE to experience them!IMG_0287


2 thoughts on “Is this real life?

  1. I’m so excited for you! I’m sorry we never met up in Tampa, but hopefully our paths will cross in the future. We use Escapees for Florida domicile, but it’s kind of odd as you have a “residential” address in FL and a mailing address in Texas. Long-time RVers Chris and Cherie of use and have nothing but good things to say about it. They’ve been doing this for a while so a recommendation from them is high praise.


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