Holy Hurricane Irma-gerd

Well, there is nothing like a hurricane to speed up God’s plans for you. Here David and I thought we had a few weeks to finish doing what was needed to the rv before we hit the road for Maryland. And we did, UNTIL Irma decided she needed to hit Florida. Monday the 4th of September, we saw Irma headed for us, and while we were told she would be hitting the east coast, we knew she was BIG and would cause a lot of damage to the Florida peninsula. We made the decision as a family to load up and not take any chances. We have a sticks and bricks home in Florida and while, yes we could’ve hunkered down there, we didn’t know exactly what kind of damage she would cause. So we made the best decision for our family and loaded up and headed north. We left on a Wednesday, gas stations were already running out of gas (thank God for our Diesel pusher DP) and people were starting to panic. All the models showed it mostly missing the west coast, but Irma had her own plans. She veered west and come straight for us. We were lucky we left when we did.

So in our quest to out run Irma, we made the executive decision to head towards Fort Rucker. Army bases are familiar, more like home for us and what better place to ride out a storm than close to what we know and are accustom to. It was a long day, a long drive, and a little bit of a worry that we may not find a place to stay. Thankfully, we found a place and it was relatively cheap too. Close to post and while the camp host was a little on the nosier side, it was pretty peaceful. Luckily we had gotten there before the rest of Florida did.

While leaving Florida, we stayed in close contact with another full-time family, they were unsure exactly where they were headed. We encouraged them to come where we were and ride out the storm. They decided to join us and it make it a lot easier and familiar to ride out the storm.

So, here we are in Ozark, Al riding out Irma, or so we thought. That Irma is a tricking one, she just kept coming left…and coming left…and holy crap!!! Coming left straight to where we fled to. So, we quickly talked it over and decided moving northwest would be the best solution. So, we loaded everything up (and bought a trailer for the jeep while we were in AL) and left! We come to Columbus, MS and found the most beautiful and cheap Corp of Engineers camp. It was just breath taking!!!

Not to mention the camp hosts were such sweet people! I would absolutely recommend this place to fellow RVers. It’s called Dewayne Hayes State Park. Simply beautiful! Once again, I stumble us upon a military base! (apparently I’m really really good at this…who knew?) It was a nice, small base that had basically just enough to get by! Which worked for us! IMG_0456

This trip was an excellent first go, it allowed us to see what needed fixed (dash AC in the RV) and what needed rearranging…almost everything…But Mia LOVED it and enjoyed being out and about and seeing new things. We enjoyed taking her on walks through the woods and exploring with her! It gave us a small view of what life on the road is going to be, needless to say, we are all excited for it!


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