Wow, I’m horrible at updating this. I apologize in advance ya’ll, I’m trying to balance school, family, moving, LIFE! and will probably fail miserably at doing this more than monthly!

With that being said, WE LAUNCHED (started fulltiming) and we are enjoying it by far! We have been to St. Augustine, Fayetteville, NC, and Hagerstown, MD so far. Here is a tiny snippet of what we have experienced…


St. Augustine, FL::::::::

St. Augustine was such a fun fun place! We visited the Castillo, which was GORGEOUS and had so much history! We finally got our Disabled Veteran National Park pass…If you are a DV and you haven’t gotten it yet, stop procrastinating it’s wonderful! We stumbled upon Lincolnville in ST. A which was a game changer for the Civil Rights movement. MLK st there is named that because he actually WALKED down that street. It was amazing to hear of the stories and watch as Mia tried so hard to understand why bad things happened to good people simply because of the color of their skin. We visited Anastasia State Park which was another gorgeous place. The waves were still so angry from all of the hurricanes we have had but it was beautiful and peaceful none the less. Lastly, we visited the light house. It was breathtaking…and impressive to imagine having to carry the oil up all those stairs to ensure the lighthouse would run properly. Kudos to the men and women who did that.

After St. A, we travelled to SC and stayed overnight at a truck stop, no the best sleep we’ve ever gotten and I’m pretty sure it was close to the worst. We must find better places to sleep!

Fayetteville, NC:::::::::

Fayetteville, this is where we were stationed when Mia was born. It’s also where her God-parents live and after 3 years of not seeing each other, we were finally able to reconnect. The Harris family is so near and dear to our hearts and we love being able to pick up where we left off and visit with them.

Mia was more than excited to meet her God sisters and spend some time with her God parents. We were just excited to spend time with our dear friends!

Again, we traveled through up to Virginia to stay the night, at a truck stop…you would think we would learn our lessons…we slept even worse at this one…IMG_0787But we got this great family photo! LOL I had someone take a real one of us, but I feel like this just fits us so much better! đŸ™‚

Hagerstown, MD:::::::

We made it to our month long destination…The Mersman driveway! LOL yes really, boon docking in our friends driveway! Yes, I know they are so so nice to put up with us (and our yappy dogs) for a whole month.

We have been having a wonderful time hanging out, cheering on the girls, snuggling babies, playing Cards Against Humanity, and visiting battlefields (separate post to follow about that).

So far, we are loving the rv life and getting to see people we wouldn’t normally get to see and visit things that we wouldn’t normally visit! We still have 2 weeks left here in Maryland and next week we have our dear friend Jaime coming in to town! We are excited for the adventures we will take with her! Stay tuned!


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