Texas Bound

We are now back on the roads after a week break for scheduled appointments and visits with some good friends. We had a great time for that week and David was able to install a 50 amp plug as well.

So now all we have to do is locate the sewer line and hook into that so we will have full hook ups when we come in for future pitstops!!

Moving forward now, we have started our journey towards our final destination which will be Canyon Lake/New Braunfels, TX. We will have a few rest stops along the way to have Thanksgiving with the parents at a beach house. This is where I am writing to you all from right now we will be here for about a week roughly.

David is hoping to do some good fishing with Dad along the Gulf Coast, as long as it doesn’t rain them out (lol). Oh well at least Mia will get some good bonding time with the grandma and pop pop. As for me well, you know I will be knee deep in my homework for school (boo).

There will be many other stops along the way to include a good four day rest in our most favorite cities of all times!! I won’t ruin the surprise of what that may be.

I suppose that you all will have to stay tuned to see what place it could be. To include all of the other places that we will be visiting along our travels to and from Texas!!


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